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One of the objectives of having this website is to also provide tips and reviews of travelling around Thailand with babies or kids. As a mom of  a 2-year old girl, we have been travelling a bit around Thailand in top tourist destinations and also places for short day trip during weekends. These content used to be in Thai and I’ve got some advises from some of my foreigner friends that it would be good to have an English version for our non-Thai friends.

Thailand is such a beautiful country with plenty of places you and your lovely family and kids can enjoy. Some of you who haven’t been to our country might have some doubts so here are some of the reviews from our family’s experience bringing our little girl since when she was 2 months old till now about 2.5 years old. Hopefully this would make it easier for you to decide to spend your vacation here or for those who have already been here, some more places and activities you can enjoy.

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Hopefully you find this useful.


This English  section would cover:

🙂 Reviews of kids friendly places in BKK for your short trip/ weekends.

🙂 Breastfeeding/ nursing room reviews 

🙂 Reviews of trips around Thailand

🙂 Reviews of hotels we’ve visited in Thailand


Enjoy everywhere with your kids!



Little Panda’s Mommy

31 July 2016



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