Newly opened Central Plaza West Gate which locates on the northwestern part of Bangkok , Nonthaburi province. This is considered one kids/ family friendly malls with lots and lots of facilities for family, more than average standard of Bangkok.

This mall has 4 levels, full of restaurants, shops like those you can find in the city center like Central World. So if you have a chance to come around this area and got nothing much to do, it’s a nice place to give it a try. See directory below.

Our family has been there a couple of times and I would say they have so many breastfeeding rooms. I haven’t really “tried” to look for it and I passed 2 breastfeeding/ baby care rooms in less than 2 hours. We went there on a Saturday and the room is very clean and empty! Probably still not that popular around here and also it’s not really been promoted.

You’ll see this sign near restrooms.


Going inside, there are 2 separate breastfeeding rooms where you can happily spend time nursing your baby or even stay here to pump/ express your breast milk which is great for new moms that still need to do this every couple of hours.


Another thing I love about this place is there’s a toilet within this baby care room so you can bring your toddlers or older kids here as well — one stop!


2 changing tables with 2 sinks and large waste bin to throw away the used nappy.


Location of this breastfeeding/ baby care room — 1st Floor, near Aldo and Charles & Keith, near SB Design Square Zone.

wpid-imag2942.jpg wpid-imag2941.jpg


Another cute thing you don’t normally find in Bangkok or Thailand is a dedicated separate restroom area for kids!

This is super cute .. feels like a Hobbit’s place without roof. The whole room is also separated to boys & girls side. Looks very clean like noone really uses it.

Overall it looks cute but one thing I kind of hesitate to use is that the walls are very low so actually the adults can actually stand outside and see everything. So I wouldn’t let my girl use this restroom alone and wouldn’t feel really comfortable if there’s someone outside and can see us inside. Probably this can be good for just some occasions, like really small kids 1.5-2 years old that still practicing/ toilet training with parents’ supervision and when it’s not too busy outside around there.


Another comment is that the boys and girl’s areas are not really separated. So that gives me another hesitation to let my girl use this when there’s other boys using the room.

wpid-imag2932.jpg wpid-imag2933.jpg

My reviews

Facilities 4/5

Cleanliness 4/5

Locations 4/5

No. of rooms 5/5


For more details about Central West Gate, click the official link below.



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