Mega Bangna is one of the biggest malls in the vicinity of Bangkok There’s also IKEA as a part of this mall (so far still the only one IKEA branch in Thailand – they’re opening another one soon in another side of the city).Our family frequently goes to Mega Bangna as it’s close to our place. Personally I would say this is very baby & kid’s friendly. The layout of the shopping mall is very big space with only 3 floors and plenty of elevators making it quite convenient to go around for parents with baby strollers.

There are 2 location, see layout below, one near IKEA zone (most family shops are near here including HomePro, ToysRus, kids schools etc) and another one near Big C Zone.


For first location we’re visiting today, this is close to IKEA zone. The entrance is close to restrooms near “Citi Chain watch outlet” and opposite to “Chic Republic”.


The 3rd symbol – breastfeeding mommy for breastfeeding room.


In front of the baby care room, there’s play zone for older kids and parents/ daddy waiting outside.


Lots of explanation in front of the room.



There’s also an LCD screen showing availability of the 2 baby care rooms. The screen shows busy but when I peeked inside, noones there.




Private breastfeeding rooms (x 2 rooms) are big enough to bring the whole stroller in. However it’s not that ‘private’ as the walls are not completely solid and those sitting in both rooms would be able to see each other. For me I’ll still need to use my nursing cover. Anyway, the seat is big enough and comfy so it’s a good choice compared to if you would have to sit in a noisy cafes/ restaurant to breastfeed.

wpid-2015-04-19-11-29-37_deco.jpg wpid-2015-04-19-11-30-09_deco.jpg

Outside the breasfeeding areas, there’s also other facilities like changing tables, sink & tap water, bottle warmer.


There are 2 separate sinks, one for washing the bottles/ baby stuff, another one which is conveniently located lower is for washing the baby.


Another thing I like about this mall is there’s also baby friendly restrooms. This is perfect for moms going out alone with the babies with no helper so you can go to restroom peacefully and conveniently putting your babies in proper location.



Apart from the 1st location, I have also tried another one near Big C. Everything is similar.
Some lovely toys at the waiting area. 
2015-04-26-20-09-20_deco 2015-04-26-20-04-30_deco
These stuff are sponsored by IKEA. 
How to reach this baby care room? It’s next to Bata shoes outlet as seen in picture below.

My reviews

Facilities 4/5

Cleanliness 3.5/5

Locations 4/5

No. of rooms 3.5/5 (2 breastfeeding rooms x 2 locations are quite small compared to the high traffic/ visitors)


For more information about Mega Bangna, pls visit the official website below.

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