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This is a diary of a new mommy and our little girl that likes to travel (she can’t say it yet but at least she seems to enjoy travelling ;p).

Our family loves doing out of home activities together because that’s what we both enjoyed as couples prior to having baby together. We don’t want having baby to change how we enjoy our times together, that’s why we promise to each other we’ll try to keep our lifestyles because we believe that it’s important for our relationship as well. Having baby shouldn’t just be about the extra hours of tiredness, more responsibilities and a too drastic change in lifestyle, we should still enjoy ‘sweet moments’ in our lives as well. And along the way we hope our baby will get use to it πŸ™‚ so far seems like everything is going well as we like!

We just celebrated our little girl’s first year old birthday and we realized we have really been to a lot of places, beaches, upcountry, overseas with her and she seems to enjoy it as much as we do. So we want to share our stories and some useful tips, therefore the name of this page ‘Little Panda’s Travel Diary’.

We hope to encourage new moms & dads who might be hesitating to bring the baby to travel with you because you’re worried they’ll be too tired, will get sick, will cry or will not like it .. to see the other positive side of it that would really bring a lot of joy & smile to your family like we do πŸ™‚

Or even to couples who’re afraid of having baby because you think it’s too big a commitment or that you will lose your freedom, that there’s a lot of great things that we think it’s worth it πŸ™‚

Let’s enjoy everywhere with your baby!



mommy jernie

26 March 2015

(Little Panda’s 1st year old Birthday)

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