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Story of a paranoid mommy of Little Panda

For a working mom who only 2 months maternity leave and travels frequently for work every month, it’s never easy to be so often away from your lovely baby. For me deep inside I’m worried my little girl would be too close to other people or would be addicted to the nanny more than mommy.

Therefore what I have been trying to do is to dedicate my time for her on my other ‘free’ days i.e. weekends (which honestly before having the baby were normally spent at home and in bed :p) so hopefully she knows her mommy loves here very much and we can spend quality time together (of course, nanny-free!).

I’ve been taking her out since she was 1 month plus to supermarkets, beaches,  meeting friends, upcountry, overseas etc – so far she’s adapting well. So I’d like to share our stories (and hopefully some useful tips) so other mommies (who may still be hesitating to bring your baby out) can be inspired to spend more and more time with your babies without the boredom of just staying home (which might be too depressing for some moms that normally have a lot of social life outside home, right?).

Enjoy everywhere with your babies:)


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