For breastfeeding mamas! – Baby/ Nursing Room Review – Universal Studio Singapore (EN)


Baby Center @ Universal Studio Singapore (Guest Service, near entrance)

2 separate breastfeeding/ nursing rooms (separated with curtains, door between the breastfeeding area and the rest of the baby center)

1 sink

1 changing table (no plastic bags provided)

Hot water dispenser

Waiting area for dad and playing table with some brick toys for kids

How to get there?

Look for guest service, baby center entrance will be right inside.

wpid-2015-05-09-22-47-02_deco.jpg    wpid-2015-05-09-22-47-21_deco.jpg

You’ll find 2 couches in the waiting area for dad & kids. Play area with small table for older kids is also available.


There is also a high chair, cold & hot water dispenser, microwave.


Changing table & diaper dispenser —


Door to the breastfeeding room. Inside there are curtains separated the 2 breastfeeding partitions.

IMAG4372 IMAG4376

We went there at almost 19.00 (closing time of USS) and the room was still clean and neat. Thumbs up! It’s good to drop by there if you need to quickly change the kid’s diaper and have one quick breastfeeding/ nursing session with your baby in this nice aircon. Once you already started your Universal Studio tour, it’s gonna be quite far to walk back here. Most restrooms have diaper changing area but the cleanliness is compromised due to very high traffic (even on weekday that we went!).

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