One of the missions in most moms & dads shopping list in Tokyo is of course .. baby & kids’ stuff. Akachan Honpo was one of the popular stores – we chose to go to Kinshicho branch as it appears to be closest and most convenient from where we stayed i.e. Ikebukuro.

Here’s the address —

Japan, Tokyo, Sumida, Kinshi, 2 Chome−2−1 Arcakit Kinshicho

Didn’t took many photos as it was very crowded inside.

There’s diaper changing area (where daddy can come in) separated from breastfeeding room.

Breastfeeding room capacity – roughly 8-10 people (can’t remember exactly). There’s short partitions for each moms. Note that the partitions are not that helpful for privacy. There were only short partitions and no door separated for each breastfeeding moms. Didn’t take any photo as the room was full and there were moms waiting outside too and it was during day time on a weekday.

There were plenty of changing table (more than 5 changing tables). Sink was also provided with hot water. Next to the changing table, there’s a weighing scale too 🙂 Eventhough it was very crowded, everything was neat and clean 🙂

wpid-2015-04-10-01-22-39_deco.jpg wpid-2015-04-10-01-23-20_deco.jpg
We’ll definitely go back there again if we go to Tokyo next time!

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