There’s a floor plan showing the location of mom & baby room. Mega Bangna has 2 mom & baby rooms, one near IKEA zone, another one near Big C zone.


We’re reviewing the one near IKEA zone. The location is near the restroom next to Chic Republic & CitiChain.


You’ll see blue wall and follow these signs towards the restroom.


In front of Mom & Baby room, there’s waiting area for family with sofas and seats for kids.


Here we are, the mom & baby room with sliding door.


There’s an LCD screen showing if the nursing rooms are available. When I went there it showed the room is occupied but actually the rooms are empty 🙂 so if you’re there, go inside and check it out!


Rooms are separated with curtains which are quite thin, doesn’t really feel much privacy. Front sliding door was also left open (even if not left open, the door isn’t solid, outsider can see through.


The room itself is quite big, you can put one stroller in.

wpid-2015-04-19-11-29-37_deco.jpg wpid-2015-04-19-11-30-09_deco.jpg

sink & diaper change area.


Child protection chair available at some restrooms near this zone. Something quite new in BKK, I’ve never seen this at other malls in BKK.


Hope this is useful! Happy Breastfeeding everyday 🙂


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