Breastfeeding Room @ Central Bangna (2nd floor – Mom & Baby products department, near the strollers & car seats)

Entrance labelled “Breastfeeding Room” “ห้องแม่และลูก” with milk bottle sign.


The room is quite small, rectangular shape with no partitions between the door and seating area. Yup, anyone open the door will see all the moms breastfeeding in those long sofas. There are 2 big sofas (for about 6-7 people) with no separate breastfeeding room/ partitions.


This is the view from the sofa, basically door on the right hand, front of sofa is empty space for strollers/ shopping carts and sink on the left hand side.

wpid-2015-04-15-02-34-27_deco.jpg  wpid-2015-04-15-02-36-37_deco.jpg

Sink & changing table offering very basic amenities.

wpid-2015-04-15-02-32-27_deco.jpg wpid-2015-04-15-02-33-22_deco.jpg

In short – this is not very ideal, not very comfortable. I’d visit this only when I’m shopping on this floor and the baby needs changing diaper or suddenly very hungry (which I’ll need a nursing cover). Otherwise I could just go back to my car where nursing/ breastfeeding is much more comfortable.

Breastfeeding Room @ Central Bangna 2nd Floor

no separate breastfeeding/ nursing rooms, just sofas for everyone

1 sinks

2 changing table (plastic bags provided)

no waiting area/ no sofa for dads & older kids

have fun shopping!

#enjoyeverywherewithyourbaby #

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